Plaster constructor

The Plaster sets are made in Lutsk which is in Western Ukraine and not far from the Polish border. It is an Old Medieval town that still has an intact Castle called Lubart’s Castle, which is a three-tower castle. The Brown castle in our range is actually a replica.

The company which makes the toys is family run. The factory at the moment only has 12 people working there and has been operating for three years. The process is done by hand in the main. They are innovative and constantly coming out with new designs, they even have some wooden replicas of things such as catapults and trebuchets(though I have not started Australian certification on those yet).

Black Tower

Plaster Videos

Chinese House

German Church

Irish House

West Tower

English House

GALA Winners announced – CONGRATULATIONS

The Bridge

Dragon’s Castle

Eagle’s Nest Castle

Mayan Temple




Big Tower

Gate tower



Tile Roof House

Two Towers



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