Mr Playwood

Mr Playwood is an inventor, who developed magical mechanical models for children and adults all around the globe.
Every mechanical wooden model is a journey into the world of magical discovery that you create by yourself.
We believe that models must be unique, different and impressive.
Mr Playwood, the fantasy begins……

Mr.Playwood – is a young and innovative Brand from
Ukraine which creates educational, eco-friendly and fun
Self Assembly Mechanical Model Kits.
About Mr.Playwood The Team behind Mr.Playwood’s
original Models include designers, engineers and
educators responsible for creating and manufacturing of
Mechanical Model Kits at the factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine
equipped with 50 brand new production lines with
capacity to produce 30,000 kits a month.

Mr.Playwood is dedicated to compelling,
innovative, scientifically accurate
challenge players of all ages to


Kits that
the blend
between science, design, and technology in the real

world and engage all family members. We are an eco-
friendly company with a mission to utilize natural

resources as much as possible. Each Kit is tested to
make sure it is 100% safe. Mr,Playwood is a boutique
manufacturing company established in 2016 Ukraine.
Today Mr.Playwood offers 11 unique Mechanical
Models with 25 more being commissioned in 2018.
Having been listed with all the major and independent
retailers in Ukraine, Mr.Playwood is set to start its
international journey, bringing Fantasy Universe and
Scientific Fun to Families and across the World.

Mr Playwood Story

Mr Playwood Teaser


Snail Moneybox

Tower Bridge



Rattle toy

Mechanical Unicorn

Pedestrian Bridge



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