Alice In Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland is artfully designed by famous Ukrainian cartoonist Eugenia Gapchinska.

This is the start of our new Augmented reality book range. Lovingly create from the original stories, this quality book has more than you can imagine.

The book will come to life if you allow it. Each AR book has an app attached for both Android and Apple. Download it and by using a Smartphone or Tablet the pages designated with AR capabilities will come to life in 3D form. You can look at it from all angles and even interact with the story.

There is also an audio book in the app to use in conjunction and the ability to take pictures and video with the characters.

This book has never ending possibilities to engage children in multiple ways.


Book Details

-Format: 20x25 cm

-144 pages, more than 40 illustrations  AR animation shorts: cover + Interaction with animated characters  Magic musical design

-Take a photo or make a video.  Photo or video with the fairy-tale  characters. The content could be  instantly shared on social media.


in 3 languages


Age 6+

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