Tower Bridge

This is our new and exciting Mr Playwood Range. Made from Laser-etched wood that creates a magical fantasy world.

In all Mr Playwood toys you can build them yourself and they can move!

Tower Bridge

540 х 160 х 370 mm / 312 pcs

The Tower Bridge

This marvel of Mr. Playwood’s engineering prowess is a scaled-down copy of the Tower Bridge (reconstructed based on an ancient engraving).

The Bridge was constructed by Mr. Playwood to cut the time the young inventor spent daily traversing the path between his home and the Academy of Engineers. Prior to commissioning the Bridge, the travel time comprised four and a half minutes. The Bridge reduced it to three minutes and twenty seconds.

The Tower Bridge was co-created by the infamous architect Mr. Woodson known for designing a moisture- and wind-proof treehouse.

Towers of the Bridge serve as residential quarters for Mr. Playwood’s pets – the gigantic snail Slipper and the lizard Silver.

Legend has it that whoever walks across the Bridge blindfolded and never stumbles will always win at sweepstakes. So far no one managed to achieve that feat.

The Bridge is retracted twice a day – at noon and midnight. The origin of this tradition is obscure and Mr. Playwood simply says that: “If you can retract it – you should retract it”.

The Tower Bridge serves as inspiration for artists living on the branches of the Great Tree. An art contest is annually held here with the winner being awarded an honorary medal The Golden Nut.

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