Pedestrian Bridge

This is our new and exciting Mr Playwood Range. Made from Laser-etched wood that creates a magical fantasy world.

In all Mr Playwood toys you can build them yourself and they can move!


Pedestrian Bridge

550 х 280 х 410 mm / 229 pcs

The Pedestrian Bridge

This massive structure was devised by Mr. Playwood when he turned fifteen.

The Pedestrian Bridge connected the domains of the peasants and the scribes. At night, it was elevated to stop the fare-dodging nomads from using it.

For passing the bridge Mr. Playwood and his two brothers charged two seeds per person (one seed if it was a child or an elder). This commercial activity was brought to an end by a special decree of the scribes’ tribe leader, and all seeds were confiscated to the benefit of the Great Arboreal Library. At present the passage through the Bridge is completely free.

Prior to Mr. Playwood refining the lifting apparatus, retracting the Bridge required the force of fifteen Elephant .

The bridge lifting apparatus was built using particularly durable timber. Such timber is only harvested under the full moon on the northern side of the Great Tree.

A seagull installed on the bridge apex is said to be able to forecast the weather. The interpretation of those forecasts, however, is only available to the elders of the scribes’ tribe.

Benches mounted on the bridge’s platforms serve as meeting spots for lovers. There’s a belief that a love vow pronounced on one of those benches guarantees a splendid relationship for the rest of one’s life.

Back in the day, Mr. Playwood fitted out an office for himself in the gazebo located on the eastern side of the bridge. Nowadays, there’s a museum there dedicated to the early years of the great inventor.

Courtesy of this specific invention, Mr. Playwood caught the attention of the leaders of tribes and eventually received an offer to establish and take charge of the Academy of Engineers.

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