Buy Top Rated Educational Toys for Toddlers: Best Eco-Friendly Toys in 2018

Toddlers have a constant growth pattern and an enormous capacity for curiosity, making educational toys highly popular for them. These toys are designed and developed to keep toddlers entertained, and simultaneously teach them new skills. So, educational toys can be a great gift for the kids, making learning easier and fun.

As a parent, if you are looking for the top rated educational toys for your toddler, Wise Elk has curated a list of eco-friendly toys that are safer, highly educational and more. Moreover, these eco-friendly options are highly engaging and durable, making them worth all the money unlike the other counterparts available in the market.

WOODEN TOYS: These are made in a small village in the Carpathian mountains. The wood is sourced from the nearby mountains in a sustainable way. The production process is about 80-90% by hand. The wood they use is either Beech or Sycamore hardwood. The paint they use is a high-quality German paint which is water-based, non-toxic and lead-free. The usability starts from 18 months+.

Handmade Hobby – Inspires creativity or makes a perfect family time activity.

Wooden Toy Dog Acrobat – Develops fine motor skills, introduces colours, familiarises with shape, develops logical thinking, and develops social skills

Sorter Toy – Develops fine motor skills, analytical skills, logical thinking, and social skills

PLASTER CONSTRUCTOR These sets are hand-made in Lutsk which is in Western Ukraine and not far from the Polish border. It is an Old Medieval town that still has an intact Castle called Lubart’s Castle, which is a three-tower castle. The Brown Castle in our range is actually a replica of the real castle! The company which makes the toys is family run. The factory employs a small amount of people but is developing everyday. They are innovative and constantly coming out with new designs, they even have some wooden replicas of things such as catapults and trebuchets. All of the plaster range are rated at 5 years+ but can be used by those young at heart up to 99yo. They are great for model builders and gamers and children alike.

Plaster Windmill – Develops motor skills of hands, spatial reasoning, logic, attentiveness and accuracy

Brown Castle or Lutsk Castle – Great to do with a partner this can help with teamwork and the desire to achieve results

Lighthouse of Alexandria – Develops a challenging environment for creativity and intellectual skills

Wise Elk is a young brand of toy and hobby ranges. We produce and sell natural toys directly from Europe that are eco-friendly and educational to bring joy to your children or the young at heart. Under our brand, we gather the best craft producers who make beautiful products for people of all ages. For more, browse through our online collection!

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