Eco-Friendly Toys: 7 Important Things You Should Know

With so many options in toys and trending toys culture, it is difficult to decide which toys are safer, most eco-friendly and non-toxic for your children. Moreover, just because a toy is labeled ‘Green’ doesn’t mean it is appropriate for a particular toddler, infant or a young kid. There are many important things a parent should be aware of before buying eco-friendly toys. Wise ELK would take the privilege to highlight these points, making the ‘toy buying’ experience easier for you in the future.

CHOOSE NATURAL PRODUCTS: Toys which are made from natural materials include wool, organic cotton, ceramic, bamboo, felt, silk, plaster, or sustainably logged wood. Toys made from plastic, plywood, or hard rubber is unsafe for your kids, at any age.

BUY LOCAL AND HANDMADE: These toys are great choices, as buying them not only supports the local business but also helps you choose from a unique range of toys which may help your kids to learn new things. Moreover, these toys are organic, electronic-free, emission-free, wooden – overall very healthy for your kids.

THESE TOYS ARE LIKE YOUR OWN ART SUPPLIES: Generally, eco-friendly toys are more about creativity, that is essential for the development of your kids.

CAN BE RE-PURPOSED AND RECYCLED: Eco-friendly toys can be used in a lot of DIY projects which you can plan with your kids. This not only helps in allowing your kids to reach various developmental milestones but also keeps them active – physically and mentally.

THEY ARE LIMITED EDITIONS: These toys can bring a unique atmosphere and magic for your kids. It is always good for them to have something which other kids don’t have, encouraging the feeling of sharing while playing in a group.

THESE TOYS BREAK THE AGE LIMIT: With a lot of creativity, these toys are suitable for children all ages as they never get too boring to play with.

HIGH QUALITY TO LAST LONGER: We, as parents, have always experienced the tantrums kids throw over easily broken toys which are bought from the commercial market. Eco-friendly toys last longer, sometimes even through generations, with no need for quick replacements to please the kids.

Considering the importance of ‘eco-friendly toys’, Wise Elk is a young brand of toys and hobby ranges. We produce and sell Natural toys directly from Europe that are eco-friendly and educational to bring joy to your children or the young at heart. Under our brand, we gather the best craft producers who make beautiful products for people of all ages. So, if you want to buy toys which are handmade with love, browse through our website for immense range of  options!

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