5 Advantages of Buying Educational Toys for Your Toddlers

Kids love toys.

While it can be seen as a simple time-consuming activity, the toys our kids’ play with have a major role in deciding how the children can perceive themselves and interact with the world around. These toys, especially educational toys for toddlers, are highly instrumental in developing social skills, problem-solving, nurturing imagination, encouraging physical development, and integrating communication values. It is very easy to get seduced by every trending toy in the market, though looking with a larger perspective, it is also important to analyse how your kids will benefit from toys.

The advantages of buying educational toys for toddlers are infinite. At Wise Elk, we strive to increase awareness of toys Australia wide, with a primary focus on encouraging learning at an early age in children. With a rich industry experience, we are a wholesale supplier & distributor of wooden toys, educational toys, eco-friendly toys, plaster brick construction sets and European toys – all dedicated to letting your toddler and older children achieve their developmental goals.

Educational toys for toddlers (18 months to 4 years old): Toddlers can play with a variety of toys, including the ones they played when they were younger or the ones they might play when they grow a little older. For these kids and their age, toys like shape sorters and Lego blocks work great by giving them an opportunity to learn about symmetry and colors.

The use of educational toys for toddlers can help kids learn many different skills, ranging from developing motor skills to improving their attention span.

Problem-solving: Important for the kids to build critical thinking, creativity and let them think of multiple solutions. Overall, educational toys build confidence and let them use logic to resolve difficult situations.

Increase in IQ: Apart from fun, educational toys for toddlers let them know their talent and interests. They allow them to achieve a more detailed understanding, improved memory retention, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and literacy.

Improved social interaction: These toys encourage them to learn how to play with others through compromise, sharing and conflict resolution. The toys can be played together with another child or adult, offering an insight into child’s individual personality and development. They also help in discovering independence and promoting positive self-esteem.

Nurturing of imagination and creativity: Educational toys for toddlers let them interpret experience through new objects. The boost in imagination and creativity is seen through art, craft, music, science and constructive activities.

Endless possibilities for fun and development: More than the development of fine and gross motor skills in toddlers, educational toys are popular because children enjoy playing. Since birth, children explore the world through toys.

At Wise Elk, all the educational toys for toddlers are created after real-time studies in the psychology of children. Our toys are created by designers with an idea to build something more enjoyable and educational. To know about the other categories of toys available with us, browse through our online collection now!

With our toys, we make learning fun for your kids!

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