Brown Castle/ Lutsk Castle

Brown Castle

Content 1800 PCS.



WISE ELK PLASTER CONSTRUCTION SETS make perfect family time activity! You can build a castle, a light-house or a medieval house as from Games of Thrones, Harry Potter or the Hobbit movies with your own hands!

The game inspires social interaction, teamwork and the desire to achieve results. Plaster bricks are a unique eco-friendly alternative to plastic blocks.

Toy: the modelling of the castle

  • You hold in your hands the power to create. In this box is the material from which you can construct a real castle
  • It possible to disassemble and to create a new castle to realize the wildest imagination
  • This unusual toy will help the kids realize their creative potential
  • The details of the model easily join together with glue. Manufacturing and binding of the model makes it not only durable but also universal. To dismantle the building, just leave it in water for 30 minutes and the parts are ready to use again

Natural material: gypsum, wood

The complete set includes:

  • Cardboard base, which is the foundation for the future castle
  • Cardboard floor rooftop
  • Mini bricks
  • Tiles
  • Glue
  • Instruction with general recommendations and drawings that define the order of the construction

Age category: from 8 years old


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